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J480/580: Social Network Analysis

J480/580: Social Network Analysis


Kelli Matthews

January 27, 2020


  1. N E T W O R K A N A

    LY S I S
  2. T Y P E S O F N E T

    W O R K A N A LY S E S • Social Network Analysis: Structure of Relationships • Narrative Network Analysis: Method of Text Analysis • Link Analysis: Concerned with Association Between Objects
  3. W H Y ? • Identify, find and target influential

    people, including decision makers and thought leaders • Understand product recommendation mechanisms & how info flows through a network • Understand content and campaign propagation
  4. L A N G U A G E O F

    N E T W O R K S N O D E S A C T O R S V E RT I C E S E D G E S R E L AT I O N S L I N K S T I E S A R C S
  5. U N D I R E C T E D

    O R PA I R W I S E N E T W O R K
  6. D I R E C T E D

  7. W E I G H T E D

  8. K E Y M E A S U R E

    S •Diameter - the largest distance in the (connected) network •Density - the proportion of all possible ties that are actually present •Reciprocity - the likelihood of edges in a directed network to be mutually linked •Modularity - the strength of division of a network into clusters •Degree Centrality – risk of node catching whatever is flowing through a network •Closeness Centrality – average length of the shortest path between the node and all other nodes in the graph •Betweenness Centrality - quantifies the number of times a node acts as a bridge along the shortest path between two other nodes •Eigenvector Centrality - a measure of the influence of a node in a network •
  9. None
  10. None
  11. How many connections does each character have? How important is

    the character in connecting the network together? http://evelinag.com/blog/2016/01-25-social-network-force-awakens/
  12. # L I F E A S A J S

    T U D E N T Diameter: 7 Density: 0.0036 or .3% Reciprocity: 0.184 Large diameter Not very dense One-way connections Takeaway: A few key hubs related to the hashtag use with connection among and between. Definitely a conversation happening that’s worth fostering.
  13. # L I F E A S A J S

    T U D E N T Diameter: 7 Density: 0.0036 or .3% Reciprocity: 0.184 Large diameter Loose
  14. # G O D U C K S Diameter: 5

    Density: 0.004 or .4% Reciprocity: 0.015 Large diameter Loose More one-way connections
  15. @ G O D U C K S Diameter: 14

    Density: 0.0042 or .4% Reciprocity: 0.02 Large diameter Loose More one-way connections
  16. @ D U T C H B R O S

    Diameter: 10 Density: 0.00070 Reciprocity: 0.038 Large diameter Takeaway: Lots of diverse, unconnected conversations. But some clear hubs of people worth exploring to determine what they are talking about.
  17. @ K O B E B RYA N T Diameter:

    7 Density: 0.001073 Reciprocity: 0.001073 Large diameter Takeaway: Big, loose network with very few reciprocal connections.
  18. R O L E S I N N E T

    W O R K S Role Betweeness Degree Characteristics Gate Keepers Important Role In Activity Removal May Fragment Network Highly Visible May Have Info About Others In The Network Involved In Lots Of Activity, But Do Not Pay A Unique Role Central Figures Very Visible And Central Role Key Figures To Gather Info