Creating a Blog in Drupal 8 & Configuration API

4e3dce8d683ceb96281d606547859c77?s=47 kepford
January 24, 2014

Creating a Blog in Drupal 8 & Configuration API

What's new and improved in Drupal 8 content types, fields, and views? In this session we walk through what creating a content type in Drupal 8 looks like. Most of this will be familiar to Drupal 7 users but there are several nice additions and changes to the UI that are covered. We will also take a look at views in core, and what can be built without using any contributed modules. And last but not least we will discuss how the Configuration API makes managing your site's configuration in code possible. You will see how you can import and export your configuration as well as store you it in a custom location to fit into your deployment workflow.



January 24, 2014