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Short term wins to build compounding SEO ROI

Short term wins to build compounding SEO ROI

Presentation from Kevin Gibbons at Pubcon (Las Vegas) on how to focus on driving commercial growth via organic search.

Kevin Gibbons

March 06, 2024

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  1. Ask these simple questions to build your strategy: Who's winning?

    Why are they winning? 1 2 3 How do we catch them?
  2. Which paid-search products make you the most money but rank

    poorly organically? Here’s a Question:
  3. Realistic opportunity +$1.58m annual organic revenue Opportunity for generic terms

    for category pages only Page type Add. traffic opportunity Additional annual revenue Women's training shoes 104,007 $302,863 Women's trainers (black) 51,515 $168,802 Men's training shoes 53,937 $165,118 Men's trainers (white) 25,716 $85,477 Men's cross training 27,813 $83,772 Kids / baby shoes 19,362 $63,219 Women's shoes (general) 16,906 $57,571 Women's leggings 16,710 $56,277 Men's basketball shoes 16,367 $53,897 Men's trousers 16,128 $52,617 Men's tracksuits 12,674 $42,871 Others 135,627 $444,968 Total 457,967 $1,577,456.48 TAM (total addressable market) opportunity between $4-5m annual revenue
  4. 1 Identify what those keywords are and prioritise by value.

    2 Understand where you rank organically for those terms. 3 Project the opportunity size if you were to improve performance.
  5. 4 Be realistic about the difficulty level of achieving it.

    5 Align with your paid search bidding strategy.
  6. It's not a matter of choosing between paid and organic

    search. It's about using them both well to make the most money.
  7. While traditional SEO signals may get you to page 1,

    behavioural metrics are essential for ranking higher.
  8. Have a low conversion rate or a high bounce rate?

    That could mean that the searcher had a bad experience and it turned them off.
  9. Going from 5 to 1 is hard. The effort-reward balance

    is likely to change when switching from 12 to 8. 12th 8th
  10. Strategic Approach ➔ Developed tiered international organic growth strategy ➔

    Optimised spend and effort based on revenue opportunity ➔ Covered 13 locales and 8 languages Tailored Execution ➔ Conducted keyphrase research for each locale ➔ Created market-specific content based on search intent ➔ Prioritised opportunities for maximum impact Measurable Results ➔ Increased organic revenue by 337% ➔ 15x wins in Global, EU and UK Search Awards ➔ Saved ad spend by minimising paid search and organic cannibalisation in the SERPs Increased ASICS’ EMEA Organic Search Revenue by 337%
  11. Remember these three key ideas: Know where you're going to

    increase revenue from 1 2 3 Be laser-focused with your effort, rather than scattergun Test and experiment to stay ahead of the competition.
  12. Hello, I’m Kev. Connect with me after to discuss applying

    these frameworks to your strategy. Kevin Gibbons #PubCon @kevgibbo Scan me!