TLI Presentation 12/09/2011

91fd82806fcaf4222bbd28c71fe1f7e0?s=47 Kevin Gilds
September 12, 2011

TLI Presentation 12/09/2011

Vice President of Education: TLI Presentation


Kevin Gilds

September 12, 2011


  1. Vice President of Education The business side of running a

    club: Presented by Kevin Gilds, ACB, ALB
  2. VPE=Operations Manager

  3. Duties Scheduler Education Awards Expert Mentor Manager Contest Expert

  4. Major Functions by the Club Leadership Handbook Quality Meeting Organized

    meeting Members working towards awards Supported Members through Mentors Contests
  5. Effective Meetings Effective Meetings Maintain Members Attract New Members

  6. Tactics •Consistency Name/Role Tents •Correct Issues Educational Moment •Inform members

    how they assist the club DCP Education
  7. Vice President of Education Individual Achievement Club Achievement

  8. Chart Progress of Members

  9. Member Recognition

  10. It’s your job  • When members meet the requirement

    for an education award. Submit the information to Toastmasters International for individual member achievement and DCP Points!
  11. Member Achievement & Club Achievement

  12. Resources • Fellow Toastmasters! – Visit other clubs • Club

    Management – • Officer Resources – Club Management Software
  13. Contact • Kevin Gilds –