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The Designer's Guide to the Prototyping Galaxy

The Designer's Guide to the Prototyping Galaxy

In this talk I am outlining the difference between rapid prototyping and interaction design tools, as well as pinpoint and demo best practices for both.

Victoria Leontieva

February 09, 2016

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  2. The Designer’s Guide to the Prototyping Galaxy @killnicole Victoria Leontieva

  3. And people usually suck at predicting things. “Prototyping is a

    strategy for efficiently dealing with things that are hard to predict.” -Scott Klemmer
  4. “Ideas are cheap, development is expensive.” -Jay Stakelon

  5. 1. Build shared understanding; 2. Pitch to stakeholders; 3. Get

    feedback, test and validate ideas. What is it good for?
  6. Prototyping is a disposable artefact.

  7. • Scope of the prototype • Its aesthetics • Level

    of interaction realism The goal will define your prototype:
  8. Limit the scope of the prototype.

  9. How to select the prototyping tool?

  10. “We currently have a few major schools of thinking. They

    roughly fall into 3 categories: Timeline, Signal Flow & Code.” -Pasquale D’Silva
  11. Existing Tools Timeline

  12. Existing Tools Node-based (or Signal Flow)

  13. Existing Tools Click-Through

  14. Existing Tools Code-based

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  23. Motion Design in Context of Prototyping

  24. Fwshh! Pop! Ugh.

  25. Seeing the implementation But

  26. "If you're a designer, please learn motion design skills. At

    60fps there's 58 frames you need to design between Mock A and Mock B.” -Paul Stamatiou
  27. The Right Tool for the Right Job

  28. User Testing with Prototypes

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  30. But

  31. In-house user testing

  32. Guerrilla user testing

  33. Online user testing peek.usertesting.com

  34. Prototyping is a disposable artefact. To Recap:

  35. Limit the scope of the prototype. To Recap:

  36. To Recap: The Right Tool for the Right Job

  37. Click-through based tools are great for testing and getting feedback

    To Recap:
  38. To Recap: Motion design is great for pitching ideas and

    explaining how animations work like to developers
  39. Sanks @killnicole Victoria Leontieva

  40. Incredibly Useful Links Providing Meaning with Motion The state of

    Interaction Design tools Transitional Interfaces 6 ways to save time in rapid prototyping
  41. Credits Jay Stakelon Pasquale D’Silva & Noah Levin Photo Credit

    Paul Stamatiou Cassie Zhen & George Leontiev