Zero to SRE

Zero to SRE

Being able to transform a junior engineer into an excellent mid, then senior engineer is a competitive advantage for any company. Unfortunately, there aren’t many entry-level SRE job postings, and if your company hasn’t hired juniors before, you’ll need to make changes in order to create an environment where they can thrive.

This talk is the story of a junior Web Developer turned SRE. I’ve been able to successfully transition into my role because my company has embraced junior engineers by creating a ‘Culture of Error,’ encouraging all engineers to be mentors, and ensuring that all employees take time during the day to learn new skills. We’ve made some mistakes, too, but we’ve learned a lot in the process.

By end of this talk, I’ll share the specific details of how to support junior engineers during their first day, month, 90 days and year, including:
* How to create a learning plan with your junior engineer on their first day
* Strategies for getting your new engineer to contribute to your code base or infrastructure during their first week
* A description of the company-wide attitudes and mindsets that have allowed these practices to flourish



Kim Schlesinger

April 29, 2019