Fuzzy Lines: Aligning Teams to Monitor Your Application Ecosystem

Fuzzy Lines: Aligning Teams to Monitor Your Application Ecosystem

DevOps is the dream, but when you can’t make cross-functional agile teams a reality, you will need to foster collaboration between several different teams, and potentially two different companies. From miscommunication between teams to differing priorities to broken SLAs, the struggle is real.

To overcome these difficulties, you must focus on the relationship between your ops and dev teams. This alliance is what matters most and is better when all teams have a set of shared values, responsibilities, and recurring processes and tools. After attending this talk, audience members will have a list of concrete processes and tools to foster cross-team cohesion including how to create shared expectations and responsibilities, setting up regular meetings and standardizing alerting across teams through monitoring as code.


Kim Schlesinger

October 28, 2019