Using Javascript to Build Native iOS Applications - Confoo 2012

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March 03, 2012

Using Javascript to Build Native iOS Applications - Confoo 2012

It's no secret that the iOS platform has completely changed the mobile landscape. The App Store is approaching its 10 billionth download, and up until several open source projects showed up, the only possibility for building an application used on an iOS device was either learn Objective-C, or serve up a non-native web application.

Enter Appcelerator Titanium, a framework for building native applications using web technologies. If you know how to build a website using Javascript, you can build a native application using the Titanium API. This session will take you through the basics of Titanium. We'll set up a project together and pull in native iOS functions such as the camera, geolocation, and compass. and all from a few simple lines of Javascript.



March 03, 2012