Android Application Demo for Santa Monica College

5789dd45d006943d263094627bb3889e?s=47 Kristian
December 07, 2011

Android Application Demo for Santa Monica College

A brief slide deck outlining a simple Android application created for Santa Monica College CS86 class. The goal was to create an app specifically tailored for live music enthusiasts. Similar apps available are Archivist and MusicArchive.



December 07, 2011


  1. Android Project Walkthrough Kristian Allen Instructor: Ken Geddes Course: SMC

    CS86 - Winter 2011
  2. - Create a fun and useful app - Self contained,

    but room for expansion - Scratch an itch that hasn't been met - Build on external data Design and Development Goals
  3. Decision : A Live Music Jukebox - Jukebox app specifically

    tailored towards the needs of live music enthusiasts - Live music is presented and browsed differently than traditional album based music - Some apps are out there, but could be improved upon for a specific niche
  4. Design Concept Outline Functional: - 3 pages - Lists and

    Detail pages - Detail page features setlist -User can click song to play Technical: - Multiple layouts - Pull data from Internet Archive - Custom JSON transformer objects - Local datastore for favorites
  5. Design Mockups

  6. Technical Architecture Diagram Android Device Internet Archive - JSON

    Data Exchange via HTTP Present Data to User Store User Preferences Local Datastore User Viewing Tool (Tablet/Phone) Data transforms and caching
  7. Android Components Used - MediaPlayer - HttpClient - JSON related

    libraries - Intents to share data across Activities
  8. Room for Improvement - Caching of data to reduce external

    calls to - More robust navigation - Ability to share favorites with others, increasing the social aspect - Generalize for use with all bands
  9. Appendix - Tools and Resources - Google Docs - Presentation

    Deck - Balsamiq - Rapid design mockup tool - Example of retrieving external data - Newsreader Tutorial - Example of parsing JSON data JSON parsing list adapter tutorial