BERT-based Document Ranking at the NTCIR-15 WWW-3

BERT-based Document Ranking at the NTCIR-15 WWW-3

Published on Mar 24, 2020

2019年度 関東情報検索合同研究会

筑波大学 上保研,于研,加藤研のオンライン合同研究会.

IR Workshop in Kanto, FY2019
Mar. 24, 2020

On March 24, 2020, we had an online joint research workshop with Joho lab. and Yu lab. at University of Tsukuba, in which B3 students in our lab. presented their project research (a mini research exercise in which B3 students have been engaged since last year).


Kohei Shinden

March 24, 2020