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Getting Started with FlutterFlow

Getting Started with FlutterFlow

Flutter Meetup Osaka #7の発表資料です。
「Getting Started with FlutterFlow」
#flutter #flutterjp #flutter_osaka


Kenichi Kambara

May 22, 2021

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  1. 2021.05.22 Kenichi Kambara (@korodroid) Flutter Meetup Osaka #7 Getting Started

    with FlutterFlow
  2. About me •Mobile App Development •Speeches (e.g. 9 International confs.)

    •Writings (e.g. 5 Dev Books) •[Of fi cial] Evangelist at NTT TechnoCross •[Private] iplatform.org Kenichi Kambara (@korodroid) 
  3. MyToDo(Flutter/Firebase) My Flutter Apps (Private works) Sekaiphone(Flutter/Firebase)

  4. FlutterFlow(https:/ fl utter fl ow.io/) an Online Visual Editor for

  5. Live Demo: FlutterFlow 

  6. None
  7. One More… +ƹ Topics & Tips

  8. UI Builder [Assistance feature] 

  9. UI Builder [Custom Component] 

  10. Actions 

  11. Firebase Integration 

  12. API Calls 

  13. Github Integration 

  14. Pricing 

  15. Please let me know if you have any requests 

    such as technical speeches, technical writings and so on. Facebook:http://fb.com/kanbara.kenichi Twitter:@korodroid LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/in/korodroid Thank you so much