5 things - management perspective

5 things - management perspective

5 things to consider when starting business.


Jarkko Moilanen, PhD

January 15, 2013


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    Jarkko Moilanen Communities.ossoil.com 2013-01-15 5 things to consider • Marketing

    • Get eager and hungry marketing people in your team. • Commitment • require and validate commitment to company from all. Get rid off hang-arounds! If needed, buy them out, kick them out or they will/might destroy company! • Clear & shared goals • make sure that every key person in the company knows what you are doing and aiming at; hold meetings in which CTO updates their knowledge and information. • Belief & enthusiasm • the combination of belief, enthusiasm and shared goal will take you closer to success. • Communication • Select tools to use to enable fluent information flow and enforce the usage. Don’t allow mixed practices.