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Agile & UX: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

Agile & UX: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

Agile development has become a standard practice at many companies. Developers love Agile’s emphasis on code quality and sustainable pace. Managers love frequent delivery of features with greater visibility into the process. Yet, important questions remain. What is the role of UX designers in an Agile project? How can we work at a sustainable pace? How can we help the team deliver in the near term without losing sight of the big picture? In this talk, Lane will share insights learned working with Agile teams and share practical tips and tricks to help you integrate UX design into your Agile projects.

Presented Friday Aug 23, 2013 at UX Week 2013.

Lane Halley

August 23, 2013

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  1. #uxweek @thinknow Agile momentum “Future plans to implement agile grew

    from 59% in 2011 -> 83% in 2012. Nearly half said their organization has 5+ agile teams (48%), compared to only 33% in 2011.” VersionOne State of Agile Dev Survey
  2. #uxweek @thinknow Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working

    software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan The Agile Manifesto (2001) agilemanifesto.org
  3. #uxweek photo credit user and business value collaborative, self-organizing teams

    test-driven development reflection and improvement The promise of Agile flickr/mardi grass 2011 #uxweek @thinknow
  4. #uxweek @thinknow Lean Startup Lean UX UX Strategy Product owner

    team Balanced Team Customer Development Design thinking
  5. #uxweek @thinknow “Everything you do now, but less of it

    and continually.” - William Pietri
  6. #uxweek @thinknow Be part of the team - standup -

    iteration planning - dev/design user stories
  7. #uxweek @thinknow Run experiments - who is this for and

    when will they use it? - how will we measure success? - think, make, check
  8. #uxweek @thinknow Instead of how do we know if it's

    done? ask how do we know if it's good?
  9. #uxweek @thinknow Find your cadence - pair with product owner,

    developers - design refactor - continual customer engagement
  10. #uxweek @thinknow Expand your toolbox - code something - attend

    a tech meetup / hackathon - teach what you know
  11. #uxweek @thinknow “The outcome of design is ideas. The outcome

    of writing code is software.” - Josh Seiden
  12. #uxweek @thinknow Tips for agile/UX happiness Be part of the

    team Create conversation Run experiments Reduce waste Find your cadence Expand your toolbox
  13. #uxweek @thinknow There is no silver bullet There is no

    silver bullet #uxweek @thinknow flickr/bobjagendorf
  14. #uxweek @thinknow Thank you! @andersramsay @andybudd @atomicobject @carbonfive @desireesy @giffco

    @jboogie @jeffpatton @jonathanpberger @jseiden @johannakoll @luxrco ...and all the members of @balancedteam