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Personas for Coders

Lane Halley
September 05, 2012

Personas for Coders

Agile development uses "user stories" to provide context for features. Who is "the user?" anyhow?

Long considered the domain of user experience experts, personas are a great tool anyone working on a software project can use to talk about and create shared understanding about user needs.

Personas help us understand user:
- motivations
- level of expertise
- context of use
- workflow
- goals and needs

Lane Halley

September 05, 2012

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  1. Personas help us understand • Motivations • Level of expertise

    • Context of use • Workflow • Goals and needs
  2. The origin of personas Introduced by Alan Cooper “The Inmates

    are Running the Asylum” Widely used in user experience (UX) Based on user research
  3. A little known fact Personas help coders solve problems Specific

    more important than accurate Alan’s first persona - “Kathy” http://www.cooper.com/journal/2008/05/the_origin_of_personas.html/
  4. Personas grow and evolve Before talking to customers See if

    you agree about who “the user” is Figure out who you need to talk to
  5. Personas grow and evolve After talking to customers Persistent, shared

    visual artifact Defines “customer value” Establishes scope of features Aid to prioritize features