How Engineering Drives Agility

How Engineering Drives Agility

As mentioned at the book Accelerate: “Many Agile adoptions have treated technical practices as secondary compared to the management and team practices that some Agile frameworks emphasize. The research shows that technical practices play a vital role in achieving these outcomes.” Agility can never be achieved with crap software. Any attempt to implement Scrum in your team makes you feel uncomfortable when you have tons of technical debt in place but never prioritized.

In this talk, four important topics will be covered:
1. Why is technical excellence one of the most important area for reaching agility?
2. What are the strategies to transform the engineering team?
3. What are the technical practices to follow?
4. What is the roadmap through agility from technical perspective?

All the answers will be supported with real-life cases, with failures and successes. The workshop is highly recommended for the audience who wants to hear how and which technical practices can have impact on agility and how a technical roadmap can be designed.


Lemi Orhan Ergin

October 24, 2019