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The Disturbing Truth: Why Do Most Software Projects Suck?

The Disturbing Truth: Why Do Most Software Projects Suck?

Lemi Orhan Ergin

March 07, 2024

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  1. TRUTH Why do Co-Founder & Chief Software Crafter THE DISTU

    BING R most software projects suck? LEMİ ORHAN ERGİN Craftgate
  2. 2022 2023 2024 LEMi ORHAN ERGiN linkedin.com/in/lemiorhan speakerdeck.com/lemiorhan @lemiorhan co-founder,

    Craftgate founder, SCTurkey alumni, Sony, eBay/GittiGidiyor, ACM, iyzico programming, since 2001 with love Payment Orchestration Platform Software Craftsmanship Community
  3. teams rush to catch the deadlines get-it-done mindset overemphasis on

    efford estimations primary goal is to complete all tasks no time for testing in development custom frameworks are created to narrow focus and understanding new teammates join to go faster technical dept is accepted
  4. individual speed and productivity are crucial no time for helping

    peers and working in pairs hard to onboard juniors to team critical tasks go to seniors micro management happens
  5. metrics are collected to manage productivity story points per person

    is calculated tons of metrics with no real meaning are collected, like team productivity, velocity, code coverage performance appriasals based on metrics destroys justice & team spirit
  6. plans should be obeyed scope is fixed we know customers

    will like it product owners as as analysts, no need to know the product internals feature prioritization is for catching the deadline poker planning for hours only few people touch and hear real customers
  7. lords of the house are the decision makers know-how is

    kept at seniors and architects, who form a separate team everyone has separate duty, has limited visibility on the big picture lack of skill development for others high turover rate with many outsources team mates
  8. If what you are building are projects, you should be

    prepared to have issues with the team, the practices and the codebase
  9. software product is not a software written for a customer

    by a team a green-field project with latest technologies used an output of a Scrum team running sprints something developed iteratively something you demo at the end of every sprint an output of the team using a board and tasks a product if it is been built as if it is a project
  10. building a project is like taking care of someone else’s

    child what you really care is getting the given tasks done in a expected period of time and get paid for it
  11. you follow long term vision and a purpose learn from

    every failure aim is sustainable satisfaction & growth there is no end for growth and development look for continuous improvement seek for good people and processes you touch your customer frequently building a product is like growing your own child
  12. Product KPIs Time https://medium.com/ctonun-el-defteri/startup-dinamikleri-ve-cto-rolleri-18af101649cc Hakan Erdoğan, Startup Dinamikleri ve CTO

    Rolleri EARLY STAGE SCALE STAGE LATE STAGE Main concern: Speed Quality Business Continuity Main Focus: Validation Growth Customer Satisfaction Customer Development Sustainability Customer Loyalty Developed: Product Projects MVP products start to die when it loses capability for innovation and adaptability SIGMOID CURVE OF BUSINESS

    AT RE-SCALE STAGE Main concern: Quality Main Focus: Growth Customer Satisfaction Developed: Product first curve second curve
  14. Managers cannot know the capabilities and dynamics of their teams

    without being involved in what their teams are doing