Slow Down To Go Faster

Slow Down To Go Faster

I can call it as the version 1.1 of my "Slow Down to Go Faster" talk. Here is the abstract:

Software development has evolved so quickly throughout the years. New tools, methodologies, practices, even new disciplines and principles have been introduced. From single individuals to tens of inter-connected development teams, from co-located teams to fully-remote distributed teams, software development professionals have developed new ways of doing their professions to achieve one single target: Building successful products.

Regardless of the technologies we use and the structures we build, our biggest challenge remain still: Catching deadlines, building high-qualified software that lasts long and being in the market earlier than our competitors. Going fast without control could be the biggest enemy of software development. After working as Agile Practice Lead for years and touching hundreds of teams in my career, I now believe the only way to go fast is going slow efficiently.

Going slow could destroy your career, your product, even your company, but it is the only way to go faster to succeed. In this talk, you will learn:
* how to build a development culture that builds software faster than ever.
* the principles and techniques behind slowing down under control.
* the myths and fallacies of development practices and the realities behind.
* real life examples of establishing an environment for efficient continuous delivery.

By the end of the talk, you will be able to know how you can change the way you and your team should work to go faster than ever.


Lemi Orhan Ergin

April 13, 2019