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Actionable Machine Learning in the Browser with PyScript

Actionable Machine Learning in the Browser with PyScript

PyScript is the new open source platform that brings Python to web front-end applications. In fact, PyScript makes it possible to inject *standard* Python code into HTML, which is then _interpreted_ and _executed_ directly in the browser. And all that, with **no server-side** technology needed, and **no installation** required (_not even a local Python interpreter!, ed._) 🔮.

But there's more! Thanks to its built-in integration with [`pyodide`](https://pyodide.org/en/stable/), PyScript brings the [full](https://pyodide.org/en/stable/usage/packages-in-pyodide.html) PyData stack into the browser, along with a native integration with the Javascript interpreter, then enabling full support for front-end interactivity.

As a result, PyScript has the potential to radically change the way in which interactive data-driven web apps could be designed and developed: the seamless bi-directional integration of **Python** and **Javascript** is complemented by the full support to reliable numerical computation, enabled by the Python scientific ecosystem (e.g. `numpy` `scikit-learn`), using the browser as a ubiquitous virtual machine.

In this talk, we will explore how PyScript enables the creation of full-fledged font-end _interactive machine learning_ (`ML`) apps using PyScript. Multiple examples of supervised and unsupervised ML apps will be presented, and analysed in details, in order to fully understand how PyScript works, and what key features are provided (e.g. _built-in Javascript integration_; _local modules_ ). Similarly, we will also discuss new_ data & design patterns (e.g. _loading heterogeneous data in the browser_; _multi-core vs multi-threading; _performance considerations_) which are required to adapt to the new _atypical_ environment in which we operate: the **browser**.

No specific prior knowledge is required to attend the talk. Familiarity with Python programming, and the main `pydata` packages (i.e. `numpy`, `scikit-learn`, `Matplotlib` ) is desirable, along with a general understanding of how the web DOM works (for the Javascript interaction part) and basic principles of data processing.

Valerio Maggio

April 18, 2023

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  1. also me • Background in CS • PhD in Machine

    Learning for SE • Research: ML/DL for BioMedicine • Data Scientists Advocate • SSI Fellow • Python Geek 
 • Casual M:TG Player me pun Who? 🧙 “a short summary of myself in logos” @mtg_lotus_vale
  2. What is <PyScript> Is PyScript ~similar (i.e. comparable to): •

    Q: PHP ? • (or any other similar technology injecting server-side code into HTML) • A: No • it’s a client-side technology • Everything happens in the browser • Doesn’t necessarily require a remote server to run • Although it could run everywhere with no speci fi c con fi guration • Deploy is as simple as “deploying” an HTML fi le I’ll start by telling you what it is not 🙃
  3. • Template Language: is a new language only designed for

    presentation! Requires an engine to fi ll in the data. • PyScript: Client-side Technology, No server needed, no installation is required • FWIW: presentation + program logic mixture in PyScript is the same as with Javascript!
  4. What is <PyScript> PyScript is not like Javascript • it’s

    a completely di ff erent technology! • But PyScript can interact with Javascript (Interoperability) • Python Javascript I’ll start by telling you what it is not 🙃
  5. PyScript Architecture • (By default) 
 PyScript builds on top

    of Pyodide • pyodide: 
 CPython interpreter compiled with Emscripten 
 to WebAssembly (WASM) MicroPython Tech Preview: https://pyscript.net/tech-preview/micropython/about.html
  6. View Examples on PyScript.com • 🍷 data distribution | view

    on PyScript.com • Interactive feature exploration with Bokeh | view on PyScript.com • Interactive Clustering with feature scaling | view on PyScript.com • Wine 🍷 XGBoost classi fi er | view on PyScript.com