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Develop LINE's messaging app in Kotlin

Develop LINE's messaging app in Kotlin

Hadi Hariri
Masakuni Oishi
LINE App Dev Team1 Senior Software Engineer
Daniel Vila
LINE App Dev Team7 Software Engineer


LINE DevDay 2020

November 26, 2020


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  2. Agenda › Talk Session – Hadi Hariri › Questions from

    LINE Android App Development team › Kotlin compiler performance › Kotlin language › Libraries › Future of Kotlin
  3. Talk Session

  4. Questions from LINE Android App Development team

  5. Kotlin compiler performance

  6. Can you tell us a bit more about the new

    compiler in Kotlin 1.4, better inference, faster. Is there room to make it even faster?. Improvements in Kotlin native?
  7. Is there anything we can do to improve compiler performance?

    (such as coding style for fast compiling)
  8. (Compose) How compiler plugins work? Use cases that you think

    a compiler plugin could be useful (If any). Could it make the compiler slower? What are the risks?
  9. Gradle shared incremental build support status of annotation processors: https://docs.gradle.org/current/userguide/java_plugin.html#state_of_support_in

    _popular_annotation_processors https://github.com/gradle/gradle/issues/5277 And it was of great help in choosing an annotation tool. Does JetBrains have a plan like this for KSP?
  10. Kotlin language

  11. Contracts to improve compiler’s inference is still experimental, is it

    due to technical difficulties? Possible misuses/abuses?
  12. Is there any feature of the language that is being

    used in a different way of what you originally thought. Could be in a good way, misuse, over use.
  13. How do you keep up with the needs of developers?

    Especially how do you emulate the needs of big codebases so you can better understand the developers’ pain points and how to evolve the language.
  14. How do you feel the Kotlin community evolved in the

    past years, as more people start to use the language what challenges are you facing?
  15. Libraries

  16. MockK is a great solution, and provides features that other

    mocking libraries lack such as mocking static method or kotlin object. But it has many minor issues : https://github.com/mockk/mockk/issues Can JetBrains provide other alternates mocking library or help to improve MockK?
  17. Does JetBrains/Google have a plan to provide tools that follow

    Android/Kotlin coding style? (through IntelliJ Editor or AGP Lint checker) https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/coding-conventions.html https://developer.android.com/kotlin/style-guide LINE(and many others) developers are using ktlint, but rules provided by ktlint do not match Android/Kotlin guidelines.
  18. Future of Kotlin

  19. Tell us about how you see the future of the

    Kotlin language in coming years.
  20. Is there any plan to implement type class? Is there

    any plan to implement private-package accessor modifier like Scala language?
  21. [Kotlin Multiplatform] Do you have a plan to support Flutter

    x Kotlin? (kotlin-dart?)
  22. Thank you