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LINE SPOT and How we build it

LINE SPOT and How we build it

LINE SPOT and How we build it by Julian Shen @JCConf 2019 2019/10/04 https://jcconf.tw/2019/


LINE Developers Taiwan

October 04, 2019


  1. LINE SPOT And how we build it Julian Shen

  2. BETA

  3. What’s LINE SPOT? POI Service s Social Conten t Food

    delivery Reservation Taxi Designated driver Articles Rankings Events Promotions UGC Follow Location + Promotion + Social BETA
  4. Where to find it? Home tab Landing Detail Map Share

    Currently in Beta
  5. Challenges Multiple data sources Multiple services integration Traffic Frequently changed

    requirements Scalability/Stability Modularize Flexibility Query efficiency
  6. How we build it? Micoservices Event sourcing Kubernetes GraphQL

  7. How we build it? Browser API Gateway Locator Similar store

    Suggestor Ticket Registration Partner API Kafka Streams Kafka Kafka Connect Partners {rest api} Used by CMS Materialized view Thrift Thrift Thrift Thrift Thrift Kubernetes Cluster
  8. Kafka Family ɾ As event hub Kafka ɾ As event

    store Kafka Streams ɾ Transform data ɾ Aggregate materialized view Kafka Connect ɾ Data transportation Scala ɾ Functional ɾ Elegant ɾ Compatible with Java libs Finagle & Finch ɾ Twitter open source ɾ High performance ɾ Support Thrift ɾ Easy to implement REST API (Finch) ɾ Works with Scala Golang ɾ High performance ɾ Efficient concurrency ɾ GQLGen ɾ Typesafe ɾ Schema first ɾ Playground Tech stack
  9. Open source contribution

  10. Any question? You could find me here today

  11. None