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Adding custom rule for Rubocop in the 2 month of employment

Adding custom rule for Rubocop in the 2 month of employment


Yla Aioi

May 11, 2023

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  1. btw, we had a RubyMusicMixin by Pixiv last year. It

    will be on the day3 again. Job change
  2. I was drunk at the time and said to a

    Rubyist I had just met... Job change
  3. While it is often said that speaking about your dreams

    to others can make them come true, I did NOT anticipate such a rapid pace of events Job change
  4. Since I've made the effort to join the company, I

    want to deliver results About RuboCop
  5. What I can do even if I don't understand the

    project well enough. About RuboCop
  6. There are probably many people in this venue who are

    new to Ruby or recent graduates.