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Culturing From a Single Cell

Culturing From a Single Cell

A presentation on culturing yeast given by Phill Turner at the November, 2020 LAB meeting.

London Amateur Brewers

November 02, 2020

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  1. What is it? • Or selecting several groups which gives

    diversity in case of mutation to use for fermentation 2 • Growing yeast cells on a agar plate, which multiply from a single cell, and taking one group to use for fermentation
  2. Reasons for doing it? o Originally there were not many

    yeasts available o Potential infections in bottled beers o Keeping your own house yeast that has adapted to your brewing system o Personal enjoyment, if you are just a bit of an nerd or anorak like me o To obtain yeast that isn't available elsewhere 4
  3. Basic Equipment Needed ❑ Pressure cooker or autoclave ❑ Bunsen

    burner or camping stove ❑ Loops, various types ❑ Various sized glass containers that can be autoclaved ❑ Malt extract or wort ❑ Petri dishes or plates (plastic or glass) 5
  4. Reasons for sterilising 
 in a pressure cooker • If

    you boil, you will kill the bacteria but you will not kill the spores • They need to go to a higher temperature of 1210C for 10-15 minutes or 1340C for 3 minutes • Dry heat at 1600 for 2 hours • Tyndallisation 6
  5. Flame Source Safe working area A camping stove is sufficient

    8 Figure 6.1: The updraft of a Bunsen burner creates a dean work area.
  6. Loops • disposable one from £2.50 a pack of 10

    • Reusable, various prices 9
  7. Choosing Your Yeast • Yeast is a single cell fungus

    • Beer, wine and bread yeast are all closely related • Yeasts adapt to their environment • What characteristics are you looking for? • Are you choosing a yeast to brew a certain style? 13
 • Inoculate a small vial of wort with yeast

    • Once it is fermenting, plate onto the Petri dish • Either directly or by diluting the wort first 14