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Decoction Mashing

Decoction Mashing

This month (April, 2022), Rob Gallagher gave us an overview of their approach to decoction mashing, why they do it, and what it brings to the finished beer.

London Amateur Brewers

April 25, 2022

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  1. Decoction LO—To know how, when and if to perform a

    decoction mash
  2. No. Do you need to do a decoction mash?

  3. Yes. Does decoction even make a difference?

  4. Colour difference (three decoctions + sugar)

  5. Effect on malt

  6. Probably? Does decoction even make a difference (that you can’t

    get in an easier way)?
  7. Process • Mash in at ~3l/kg • Remove around a

    third of the mash into large pan (~20l)
  8. Process • Mash in at ~3l/kg • Remove around a

    third of the mash into large pan (~20l) • Bring to a vigorous boil for ~10min
  9. Thick portion vs Thin Portion

  10. Benefits and difficulties • Flavour, body and mouthfeel • Colour

    and clarity • Head retention • Efficiency • Looooong • Mess • Hitting rest temperatures • Scorching • Extra (and/or poorly adapted) equipment
  11. Miscellaneous tricks • Heat slowly at first, gradually turn up

    the heat • Pause at ~65° during first decoction • Don’t rush • One long decoction? • All-in-one brewing vessel single decoction trick
  12. All in One Single Decoction 62° 70° 78° 100°

  13. None