Creative collaboration: A gluestick for creative teams

Creative collaboration: A gluestick for creative teams

What do you tell your client when she consistently shows up ten minutes late to your meetings?

When was the last time you told your project manager ‘no, that’s not a reasonable deadline?’

How do you critique your designer’s terrible prototype without sabotaging your relationship?

Welcome to Creative Collaboration.

Whether it’s with a client, a manager, or a peer, eventually we all experience communication breakdown. But so many creative professionals never find the words to get a broken team back on track.

Take a deep breath and come talk about your project and people woes with like-minded commercial creatives. We dive into project horror stories and show you the proactive approach to team communication.

You’ll leave with helpful scripts that you can use the next time your team takes a turn for the worst.


Louder Than Ten

April 04, 2016