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Take this DPM stuff and do it

Louder Than Ten
October 13, 2015

Take this DPM stuff and do it

Resources: http://lt10.co/dpm-stuff

Here’s a time lapse: you’ve just pulled up to your office after this year’s DPM Summit. You burst into the fishbowl to share all you new ideas, only to find your team is barely paying attention. And, what’s that? Your boss just asked for a printed summary of your takeaways, nodding as she closed the door in your face! Your company has no intention of implementing a thing you learned. Then it hits you: change is hard, but your company staying exactly the same? That’s deadly. What’s a digital PM to do?

Well, if you’re savvy, you make a plan. The smartest, most flexible plan you’ve ever dreamed up. And then you follow through with that plan until you’ve got buy in and support from everyone around the changes you know will make your company better. Sometimes this means getting a little creative. And sometimes, it means being a tad devious.

Join Rachel Gertz as she walks you through the ultimate task: how to use your sharp wits as a DPM to get your whole company to buy into the takeaways you learned at the conference, guerilla style. Your company wanted you have something to share when you got back. Show them you mean business.


* How to choose and plan for the changes that will make the biggest impact
* How to use your six feet of influence and some straightforward data collection to build a business case that will speak for itself
* How to rollout a mini version of this plan, then scale it for your whole team
* How to support and implement changes in doses your company can digest
* How to prepare for the red flags that will distract you & the wins that are yours

Louder Than Ten

October 13, 2015

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