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Project First Aid: Bring your projects back from the dead

Louder Than Ten
October 06, 2014

Project First Aid: Bring your projects back from the dead

View full case studies and treatment plan: http://lt10.ca/q0

We’ve all been there—neck deep in a project burning with fever and sliding off the rails. Blown budgets, steaming clients, a timeline doomed from the start. Join PM first responders, "Dr." Carson Pierce and "Dr." Rachel Gertz in the proverbial operating room for some intensive project first aid. We’ll lay the worst examples on the table, assess their vitals, and with your help, develop an emergency care plan to bring our projects back from the dead.

Be prepared to get your hands dirty. This will be a fast-paced, intensive workshop filled with real-world case studies, including past horror stories from our very own DPM speakers. Like a brain zapping game of Operation, you’ll be in for one crazy ride.

You’ll learn:
• How to assess your project’s vitals: the good, the bad, the just plain ugly
• How to create an immediate care plan to stop the bleeding
• How a prevention plan can keep your ongoing projects bright eyed while keeping your new ones out of the O.R.

Louder Than Ten

October 06, 2014

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  1. Welcome Resident Doctors Louder Than Ten Project Teaching Hospital Faculty

    of Emergency Project Medicine Vancouver, Canada
  2. Project description Client: Teaching hospital, Infectious diseases ward [Client X]

    Project brief: Client X approached agency requesting an application for educating public about and highlighting major risk factors, complications, and treatment of MRSA infections (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) with $100K budget set aside. Anticipated launch: April 2015
  3. • Rocky kickoff: client not clear on app goals or

    needs • PM misses ‘private email’ sent by POC • Surprise! Director arrives as new (unhappy) stakeholder Initial onset
  4. Project description Client: Retail baked goods company [Client Y] Project

    brief: Client Y negotiated contract with agency salesperson to convert their retail baked goods ecommerce site to new content management system. Some minor design updates may also be required. Approach appeared to be a relatively straightforward project, so fixed price of $40,000 and three month timeline set. Anticipated launch: January 2015
  5. • Fixed budget set by salesperson • Assertive project manager

    brought on to ‘control’ team • Internal conflict escalated unchecked Initial onset
  6. Underweight budget & schedule • Budget & timeline too tight

    • Cutting corners vs missing deadlines
  7. Unstable resourcing • Some teammates working hard, some hardly working

    • Schedule overlap will put future projects at risk
  8. Treatment summary A. Build trust with team B. Clarify goals

    & expectations C. Introduce strong leaders
  9. Prevention • Choose right people for team • Chunk estimating:

    e.g. rolling wave • Use Project Evaluation Review Technique
  10. Project description Client: Luxury tile company [Client Z] Project brief:

    Client Z approached agency requesting new branding, logo, and full website redesign for high end tile distribution company. Have $85K budget set aside for all work. Customers include high profile celebrities like Kanye, Joe Pesci, and Carrot Top. Anticipated launch: November 2014
  11. • Your boss is ‘friends’ with Tile Distributor aka your

    new client, aka no formal agreement • Wife ‘writes’ content, ‘designs’ logo • Wife leaves client • Joe Pesci sues client • Client threatens you via voicemail Initial onset
  12. Prevention • Avoid conflicts of interest • Content & design

    together • Don’t put up with sh*t • Create healthy client mix
  13. Rx summary • Clients only drive when they think you

    can’t • We teach people how to treat us • We make this industry better