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Getting Started with Jetpack Compose

Getting Started with Jetpack Compose

Loveleen Kaur

November 05, 2022

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  1. Agenda • Understanding Jetpack Compose • Benefits of Compose •

    Pathways • Earn Digital Badges • Pathway Resources • Additional Resources
  2. 3 Jetpack Compose Jetpack Compose is the modern toolkit for

    building native user interfaces for Android apps. Compose apps are written in the Kotlin programming language. Compose makes it easier and faster to build UIs on Android.
  3. Benefits of using Jetpack Compose Less code Do more with

    less code and avoid entire classes of bugs. Code is simpler and easier to maintain. Intuitive Just describe your UI, and Compose takes care of the rest. As app state changes, your UI automatically updates. Accelerates Development Compatible with all your existing code so you can adopt when and where you want. Iterate fast with live previews and full Android Studio support. Powerful Create beautiful apps with direct access to the Android platform APIs and built-in support for Material Design, Dark theme, animations, and more.
  4. Pathways Each track offers learning content from Google that is

    structured into pathways. A pathway consists of a sequence of learning activities (videos, articles, and codelabs), to help you learn about a certain technical topic. There is a quiz at the end of a pathway to test what you learned.
  5. Earn digital badges For each quiz successfully passed, participants earn

    a badge on their developer profiles Carrie Sawyer
  6. Pathway Resources Practice problems These appear throughout the Android Basics

    with Compose course for learners to apply what they just learned in context of a new app. These practice problems are optional. Learners can start on them if they finish early at a session. Open-ended projects At the end of each unit, there are opportunities for learners to create their own app, with some guidelines to help them. Since these apps will be unique to each individual, the apps could be added to their portfolio of work, and even uploaded to GitHub. Unit 1 - Business Card app Unit 2 - Art Space app Unit 3 - 30 Days app