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Compose Your App

Compose Your App

Loveleen Kaur

December 30, 2022

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  1. Who am I? 󰠁 • Loveleen Kaur • Software Engineer

    - Android @ Astrotalk • Core Team Member @ GDG Chandigarh • Android Educator @ Android Educators Community India • Develop Mobile Applications • Technical Speaker • Happy Android Developer :)
  2. Agenda • Jetpack Compose • Why • Which Apps are

    using Compose? • XML vs Compose • Layouts • Modifiers • Pathways • Digital Badges • Resources
  3. Jetpack Compose • Modern UI development toolkit • Fully built

    with Kotlin • Simplifies and accelerates UI development • Less code • Intuitive Kotlin APIs • Powerful API and tools
  4. Jetpack Compose Compose apps are written in the Kotlin programming

    language. Kotlin is the language that the majority of professional Android developers use to build apps.
  5. Why Jetpack Compose? • Single language - Kotlin • Less

    Code • Accelerates Development • UI and operations in same place • Declarative UI • Scope for reusable UI components • Better, testable, debuggable code for UI
  6. XML vs Compose • Imperative way in View • Bind

    Views • Access properties via getters • Set properties via setters • Listen View events via listeners • Declarative way in Jetpack Compose • Compose components • Declarative way ◦ Compose component ◦ State IN ◦ Events OUT
  7. Modifiers • It is like CSS for our Composables •

    If we need to add decorations or style, we use modifiers • Modification work in sequential manner
  8. Pathways A pathway consists of a sequence of learning activities

    (videos, articles, and codelabs), to help you learn about a certain technical topic.
  9. Earn Digital Badges For each quiz successfully passed, participants earn

    a badge on their developer profiles. Carrie Sawyer