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Take care of your pixel

Take care of your pixel

"inseguiamo framework, aggiornamenti, poche righe di codice per fare grandi cose per l'umanità, dimenticandoci dell'umanità, dei disturbi visivi, delle differenti connessioni in giro per il mondo, di come le persone interagiscono con le nostre interfacce, è tempo di ricordarcelo"

Davide Di Pumpo

March 15, 2019

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    sight • Problems using a mouse or keyboard • Problems with hearing • Reading and understanding • Cognitive, learning, and neurological

    slow internet connection • Have a small screen or unusual device • Can’t listen to sound at work • Use an old web browser or operating system • Screen readers
  3. • 25,000 children in the UK are blind or partially

    sighted. • Someone in the world goes blind every 5 seconds • 50% of sight loss cases cannot be avoided.
  4. • 15 million blind people in India • 30,000 new

    cases of blindness every year • 4.5 million people with glaucoma
  5. • 466 million people suffer hearing loss • 45% of

    US feels they have difficulties • 1/3 of 65+ people live with hearing loss
  6. A11Y https://a11yproject.com The Accessibility Project is a community-driven project created

    to facilitate web accessibility. On their site, you can find a lot of exciting things, with lots of checklists for web accessibility.
  7. AUDIO & VIDEO • Never use autoplay • Don’t use

    video as background • Remember to provide subtitles
  8. ICONS • Never use icon-font • Never use ONLY icons

    to tell something, even with aria and title attributes
  9. In 2016, India introduced 106 million people to the Internet,

    for the first time. 290,000 people, every day.
  10. RETAINING USERS • The BBC found they lost an additional

    10% of users for every additional second their site took to load. • Pinterest increased search engine traffic and sign-ups by 15% when they reduced perceived wait times by 40%.
  11. IMPROVE CONVERSION • Publishers on DoubleClick whose sites loaded within

    five seconds, earned up to twice as much ad revenue than sites loading within 19 seconds. • AutoAnything reduced page load time by half, they saw a boost of 12-13% in sales
  12. USE ONLY THE FONTS YOU NEED • Caricate solo i

    pesi usati • Cercate di usare i variable font • Limitate il character set fonts.googleapis.com/c ss?family=Open+Sans&te xt=CssDay • Caricate il font in modo lazy
  13. <link rel="stylesheet" href="all.css" media="all" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="small.css" media="(min-width: 20em)"

    /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="medium.css" media="(min-width: 64em)" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="large.css" media="(min-width: 90em)" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="extra-large.css" media="(min-width: 120em)" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="print.css" media="print" /> SPLIT YOUR MEDIA TYPES
  14. Bibliography Accessibility Basics: Testing Your Page For Color Blindness Improving

    The Color Accessibility For Color-Blind Users Accessibility in government Accessibility Testing for Offline First Applications Designing For Accessibility And Inclusion Easy Design & Front-End Practices for Improving Accessibility Going Colorblind: An Experiment in Empathy and Accessibility Front-End Performance Checklist CSS and Network Performance 20 Tips for Optimizing CSS Performance Why Performance Matters Sottotitolare i porno INDIA INSTAGRAM STORY!!!