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How to be a web design superhero

Andy Clarke
March 11, 2006

How to be a web design superhero

Originally presented by Andy Clarke at SXSW, Austin, Texas, 2006

Andy Clarke

March 11, 2006

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  1. Originally presented by Andy Clarke at SXSW, Austin, Texas, 2006

    How to be a web design superhero Andy Clarke is a digital designer, speaker, and writer whose designs have helped companies around the world to increase their sales pipeline and revenue, and charities to increase donations. He founded Stuff & Nonsense and has consulted and designed for clients including Disney Store UK, Fairfax Media, Home Office (UK), Greenpeace, ISO, SAP, STV, SunLife, WIPO, and WWF. He works on creative website and digital product designs and provides ongoing creative direction. He coaches agencies and mentors designers on dealing with clients, and delivering creative projects. If you’re looking to design better digital products and websites, develop a design system or style guide, or want to understand how design can help your business, you should talk to him. Stuff & Nonsense Ltd. Eversleigh, Lon Capel, Gwaenysgor, Flintshire, LL18 6EJ, UK For work enquiries go to stuffandnonsense.co.uk or call +44 (0)1745 851848
  2. 1 85 1 4 % % % apparently a survey

    of 100 people asked a85% replied that they would prefer to be a superhero!

  4. web design superheroes have strong morals, strong code and a

    strong moral code superheroes have a strong moral code, risking all for the greater good
  5. web design superheroes share their skills and information freely superheroes

    are selfless as they fight crime and keep the world safe from danger
  6. many web design superheroes have special motivations such as promoting

    usability or web standards superheroes have special motivations
  7. you may have seen a web design superhero s work,

    but do you know what they look like? are they sitting next to you? superman is clark kent, spiderman is peter parker, many web designers too lead a secret, double life ’
  8. superheroes often retreat to a secret hideaway web design superheroes

    need a secret hideaway, a source of inspiration, somewhere to store super gadgets
  9. superheroes often have a mundane job by day and exercise

    their super powers by night many web design superheroes are the same, exercising their skills by night on personal projects
  10. the best designers are skilled their with tools and have

    a utility belt full of useful stuff: fonts, icons and images some superheroes dont have superpowers, relying instead on gadgets and special abilities
  11. web designers also need a weapon of choice, be that

    photoshop, flash or the humble text editor many superheroes have a trademark weapon
  12. what super powers do you need to become a web

    design superhero? a superheros main defining feature is their super power
  13. to keep pace with new trends and technologies super speed

    to react when a client says i want it tomorrow!’’ ’’
  14. telepathy and clairvoyance an ability to see into a clients

    mind and understand what he means by i want it easy to use and other such vaguerisms ’’ ’’
  15. mind control an ability to convince a client that he

    does not need a flash splash screen or pages of content nobody will read
  16. ability to sense problem projects or clients danger Sense see

    problems and rectify them before they happen
  17. x-ray vision the ability to see through visual presentation to

    the underlying semantics, to avoid making presentational markup and css
  18. batman has robin, superman has jimmy olsen, lois lane and

    krypto the super dog alongside many superheroes is a sidekick
  19. who are your heroes? Superman the batman wonder woman daredevil

    captain fantastic spiderman the green lantern captain america flash supergirl hulk zeldman tantek celik molly holzschlag jeff veen dave shea doug bowman shaun inman cameron moll joshua davis veerle peiters john oxton
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