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Where: Next

Where: Next

A look at the future of GIS.

Presented at the Irish MapInfo Users Conference, April 9th 2014


Richard Cantwell

April 09, 2014


  1. Where: Next. A look into the future of GIS Richard

    Cantwell Senior GIS Consultant GAMMA richard.cantwell@gamma.ie @ManAboutCouch
  2. Hardware, Software, Data & People https://flic.kr/p/b7stL4

  3. Hardware: Becoming a Commodity https://flic.kr/p/89BohQ

  4. IaaS PaaS SaaS Transitioning to Services

  5. Internet NAT Server Amazon RDS SQL Server VPN ELB ELB

    Mapping ASG Spectrum ASG DynamoDB Amazon S3 ELB Amazon SQS Batch Spot ASG Low/Hi ASG Complex Configuration. Hybrid Approaches Amazon S3 DynamoDB ELB ELB ELB Reverse Proxy Routing ASG App ASG Spatial ASG Oracle 10g Postgres
  6. Location: Ubiquitous for $1.50

  7. Sensor Web becoming a reality? CityWatch.ie

  8. Software: In Transition

  9. Best of Breed Solutions

  10. Browsers: Becoming more capable

  11. ..mostly.

  12. Data Creation inside the Browser geojson.io

  13. Complex Spatial Operations jasondavies.com

  14. JavaScript & Python emerging as key D3js.org

  15. Data: From scarcity to abundance

  16. Velocity, Variety, Volume & Veracity https:/flic.kr/p/5C9pZF

  17. No dataset is perfect

  18. @GapingVoid / @FlowchainSensei Geography: Distilling Wisdom from Information Geography: Distilling

    Wisdom from Information
  19. (Some) Data becoming a commodity Vs

  20. Cartography: A new Golden Age?

  21. Underpinned with Crowdsourced Data

  22. https://flic.kr/p/N9J81F Spatial Data moving to the Main Datastore

  23. Opportunities: Postcodes

  24. https://flic.kr/p/N9J81F Challenges: Version Control for Spatial Data

  25. The Spatial Data Librarian

  26. https:/flic.kr/p/68NZhL People: Lots of new users, from new backgrounds

  27. Coding Skills becoming essential again alex-singleton.com

  28. MapBasic IDE MapInfo: Tools-> Get MapBasic Utilities

  29. GIS: A strong history and an exciting future Richard Cantwell

    Senior GIS Consultant GAMMA richard.cantwell@gamma.ie @ManAboutCouch