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OpenStreetMap for GIS Pros - Local Authority Edition

OpenStreetMap for GIS Pros - Local Authority Edition

A shorter version of my 'OpenStreetMap for GIS Pros' workshop for the Irish Local Authority GIS Manager's meeting, March 2014.

Richard Cantwell

March 06, 2014

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  1. How OSM represents data in GIS Terms: Nodes / Ways

    / Relations Key / Value pairs TagInfo
  2. Geographic Information is represented as: Nodes Point Ways Line Closed

    Line Area (Polygon) eg. Roundabouts Relations Multi (Point / Line / Polygon) eg. Bus Routes / Inner Rings
  3. Consuming: Tiles, Files and API’s: The OSM ‘Stack’ Tiles –

    your own and/or others Files – Downloads, Databases API’s – OverPass Turbo
  4. Why make your own? Tile Usage Policy You’re in control:

    Design and Content Need tiles in EPSG:27700? 29903? Having OSM Data in a Database enables a lot of things You will learn a lot
  5. Extract Raw Data – Embedded in a map <div> on

    a web page map.addLayers([ make_layer("http://overpass-api.de/api/interpreter?data= node[amenity=pub](bbox);out+skel; (way[amenity=pub](bbox);node(w););out+skel;", “Blue") ]);
  6. Extract Raw Data – Embedded in a map <div> on

    a web page map.addLayers([ make_layer("http://overpass- api.de/api/interpreter?data=node[amenity=pub](bbox);out+skel;", "blue"), ]);
  7. What can you do for OSM? Talk to the community.

    Provide ( free) data if possible: • Road classifications. • Speed limits. • etc
  8. Some 'Takeaways‘ License Check obligations if mixing data Data Model

    Area / Multipolygon handling is complex Usage Policies Desktop prob not an issue. Server, web different Build Your Own No apt-get install tileserver Yet Shapefiles Easy, not complete Postgis Starting point for many possibilities Data APIs Great for snapshots in geojson or POI webpages Data vs Services Is OSM commoditising data? Is that bad?