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An extended look at the future of GIS. Presented to NUIM Geography MSc class, 15th April 2014


Richard Cantwell

April 15, 2014


  1. Where: Next. A look into the future of GIS Richard

    Cantwell Senior GIS Consultant GAMMA richard.cantwell@gamma.ie @ManAboutCouch
  2. The impact of change is often unforseen jdesbonnet.blogspot.ie/2011/06/day-gps-selective-availability-sa-was.html

  3. From GPS tracks..

  4. ..To Maps

  5. Automatically? labs.strava.com/slide/

  6. www.gartner.com Emerging Technologies ‘Hype Cycle’ gartner.com

  7. @philgyford

  8. www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/2575515

  9. Hardware, Software, Data & People https://flic.kr/p/b7stL4

  10. Hardware: Becoming a Commodity https://flic.kr/p/89BohQ

  11. Range of Cloud Providers Inspired by gigaom.com/2013/05/17/aws-is-the-mcdonalds-of-the-cloud-whos-the-burger-king/

  12. IaaS PaaS SaaS Transitioning to Services

  13. AWS Global Infrastructure

  14. Availability Zone Availability Zone SERVER INSTANCE SERVER INSTANCE http /

    ssl AWS Cloud SERVER INSTANCE SERVER INSTANCE Autoscaling Group Autoscaling Group Cloudwatch Elastic Load Balancer Users Internet A simple AWS example
  15. Internet NAT Server Amazon RDS SQL Server VPN ELB ELB

    Mapping ASG Spectrum ASG DynamoDB Amazon S3 ELB Amazon SQS Batch Spot ASG Low/Hi ASG Complex Configuration. Hybrid Approaches Amazon S3 DynamoDB ELB ELB ELB Reverse Proxy Routing ASG App ASG Spatial ASG Oracle 10g Postgres MDM Spatial Geocode
  16. • Design to take advantage of Cloud Efficiencies • Stop

    Hugging your Servers • Failure shouldn’t be a Drama • Use Multiple Availability Zones • Pay for what you Provision (not what you use) Lessons from the last 5 years
  17. Enterprise GIS in a few minutes.. www.spatiallyadjusted.com/2013/12/23/using-postgis-on-amazon-rds-with-opengeo-suite/

  18. Location: Ubiquitous for $1.50

  19. Sensor Web becoming a reality? CityWatch.ie

  20. Software: In Transition

  21. The future of desktop GIS? @billdollins

  22. Vendors iterating Desktop

  23. Vendors embedding GIS into platforms

  24. New technologies don’t solve deeper issues @nheudecker

  25. Best of Breed Solutions

  26. Browsers: Becoming more capable

  27. ..mostly.

  28. Data Creation inside the Browser geojson.io

  29. Complex Spatial Operations jasondavies.com

  30. JavaScript & Python emerging as key D3js.org

  31. New Techniques earth.nullschool.net

  32. Code in the Open github.com/cambecc/earth

  33. GitHub: Distributed versioning and collaboration

  34. GitHub: GeoData rendering & sharing @BenBalter

  35. Eg: Reverse engineered FGDB github.com/rouault/dump_gdbtable

  36. Used as input to a .gdb → GeoJSON script github.com/calvinmetcalf/fileGDB.js

  37. ‘Drag and Drop’ site that renders GeoJSON calvinmetcalf.github.io/fileGDBjs

  38. GitHub as a learning resource github.com/lyzidiamond/learn-geojson

  39. Smart Tools: Dumb Formats flic.kr/p/4YMxp7

  40. Data: From scarcity to abundance

  41. ~500GB of raw .xml when uncompressed github.com/mapbox/tm2

  42. Vector Tiles: 'The Next Big Thing'? github.com/mapbox/tm2

  43. Vector Tiles: Client Side opensciencemap.org

  44. Cartography: A new Golden Age?

  45. Velocity, Variety, Volume & Veracity https:/flic.kr/p/5C9pZF

  46. No dataset is perfect

  47. Mapping isn't as easy as some thought

  48. Domain Knowledge still key @Thierry_G

  49. @GapingVoid / @FlowchainSensei Geography: Distilling Wisdom from Information Geography: Distilling

    Wisdom from Information
  50. (Some) Data becoming a commodity Vs

  51. OSM as the OpenGeoData ‘Poster Child’ @PetersonGIS

  52. https://flic.kr/p/N9J81F Spatial Data moving to the Main Datastore

  53. Opportunities: Postcodes

  54. Challenges: Move up the Value Chain flic.kr/p/4wUhRb

  55. geogit.org Challenges: Version Control for Spatial Data

  56. Challenges: Transient Data

  57. https:/flic.kr/p/68NZhL People: Roles, Skills and Diversity

  58. New Roles: The Spatial Data Librarian?

  59. New Skills: Coding becoming essential alex-singleton.com

  60. New users: Diversity flic.kr/p/ha2Z9b

  61. New bad maps @NBCNews

  62. “Everything flows, nothing stands still” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heraclitus

  63. GIS: A strong history and an exciting future Richard Cantwell

    Senior GIS Consultant GAMMA richard.cantwell@gamma.ie @ManAboutCouch This presentation is available at: www.speakerdeck.com/manaboutcouch/nuim14