Building a success freelance business without going crazy

Ec08b93facdaf8489dde4404bc351c01?s=47 Marc Jenkins
October 18, 2017

Building a success freelance business without going crazy

Freelancing is hugely rewarding, lucrative, and provides lot’s of freedom but can also be stressful, put a strain on your relationships, and impact your personal health. Marc shares his experience of building a successful freelance business without it running him.


Marc Jenkins

October 18, 2017


  1. BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL FREELANCE BUSINESS without going crazy @marcjenkins

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  3. freelancer’s lifestyle I wanted the

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  7. No boss(!) More monies £££ Pick your own clients Work

    when you want Work where you want Why go freelance?
  8. Freedom & control

  9. So I quit my job

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  14. Freedom & control

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  16. The idea I want to leave
 with you today…

  17. Margin Margin is breathing room

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  19. Margin in your finances

  20. 3 months living costs
 in the bank - margin in

    your finances
  21. Cash buffer - margin in your finances

  22. You have to be ready
 for dry spells - margin

    in your finances
  23. Having a cash buffer helps
 you negotiate - margin in

    your finances
  24. Margin in your schedule

  25. 8 hours a day is plenty of time to get

    great work done if you have 8 hours to do that work.” — Jason Fried “
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  27. Seasons - margin in your schedule

  28. Creative work has seasons. Part of the work is to

    know which season it is, and act accordingly.” — Austin Kleon “
  29. Parkinson’s law: Work takes as long as you allow it

  30. Put boundaries 
 on your time - margin in your

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  36. Sometimes the most productive
 thing you can do is rest

    - margin in your schedule
  37. Margin in emotional and mental health

  38. Listen to your body - margin in your emotional and

    mental health
  39. Sleep - margin in your emotional and mental health

  40. Surround yourself with the right people - margin in your

    emotional and mental health
  41. You are the average of the five people you spend

    the most time with.” — Jim Rohn “
  42. Work on projects you enjoy,
 for people you like -

    margin in your emotional and mental health
  43. Margin enables you to do your 
 best creative work

    Margin helps you pick and choose
 the clients you work with Margin helps lower stress and anxiety
  44. Freedom & control

  45. Margin is how you get freedom & control

  46. Building margin into your business and life is a long

  47. You are your business

  48. If you don’t run your business, your business will run

  49. Your #1 job is to think about
 your business

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  54. Look after yourself

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