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Lost in Space

November 15, 2015

Lost in Space

webdesign, the canvas and beyond


November 15, 2015

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  1. The Future ….. 13 nov 2015 Amsterdam @freelancefriday venue @de_

    Zwijger @wpmariken
  2. Lost in Space / Off canvas 2014 the future is

    modulair 2013 RWD re-thinking the screen as a canvas
  3. recap 2013 responsive components new workflow

  4. More modularity, personalized webpages. recap 2014

  5. ..Walking backwards into the future’ Quote Marshal Mc Luhan 4

  6. material design https://design.google.com/videos/smart-paper/

  7. stop thinking screens animation coded and designed by: Ömer Aslanbakan

    aslanbakan.com @Eomerx
  8. stop thinking pages the word pages still exists, but ...

  9. think systems The Globe And Mail is just an online

    version of a newspaper. Bundle is a system, brings you specific news items, aggregated.
  10. systems aggregated and prcessed data from different sources

  11. systems http://bunchapp.io/ you set your criteria to get this system

    do the work for you.
  12. product design Is webdesign dead? Or do we need product

    designers instead? https://uxmag.com/articles/why-web-design-is-dead Article June 8, 2015 by Sergio Nouvel
  13. customer journey image: Lost in Space

  14. http://inspirationvoyage.hellotrip.fr/ tailored

  15. cards Cards 1) as a design component and 2) as

    an item carrying third party data. http://www.calltoidea.com/p-popups.php/ Are you an animated turtle?
  16. cards animation http://lea.verou.me/projects/ all the fu stuff we can do

    with cards
  17. micro interactions https://vine.co/v/bEblaqQrxm0 all the finesse we hardly notice

  18. micro interactions all the finesse we hardly noticeand make our

    user inteface more smooth, improve the user experience
  19. micro tasks http://docker.coming/ Used to animations, as a user I

    was convinced the turtle would smile after submitting the form. It wasn’t. Are you an animated turtle?
  20. case link to the article on medium about product design

    Case of how to build trust.
  21. before & after https://medium.com/hh-design/intro-to-product-design-c2dbbc7809d3 building trust by showing more, better

  22. from Dan Mall’s talk @ Smashing Conf 2013 airbnb 2013

  23. from Dan Mall’s talk @ Smashing Conf 2013 airbnb 2015

    keep evolving, progressive enhancement.
  24. never ending journey by communicating your goal, are building trust

  25. being device agnostic is our best bet at future proofing

    content for screens that don’t even exist yet. ” Quote: Rosie Campbell ‘s talk @ Responsive Day Out # 3 June 2015 “
  26. smaller customers ,budgets off the shelve website cards as third

    party content static websites? where to..?
  27. thanks & links Paul Adams - Our new product canvas

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3a6WA6zhAw Paul Boag - Redefine your job as a webdesigner the-battle-that-may-redefine-your-job-as-a-web-designer/ Stefanie Engle ‘s article: https://medium.com/hh-design/intro-to-product-design-c2dbbc7809d Lea Verou projects: http://lea.verou.me/projects/ Thanks to Paul Adams, @padday for his inspiring vision, Paul Boag @boagworld for his article on webdesigners, Stafanie Engle @Soenlge for her inspiring article on product design and Lea Verou @LeaVerou for her fantastic work with CSS3.
  28. thank you ! 2 http://designlab.nl @wpmariken