The <?> State of Webdevelopment

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December 10, 2016

The <?> State of Webdevelopment

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December 10, 2016


  1. The <?> state of webdevelopment 9 dec 2016 Amsterdam @freelancefriday

    venue @de_ Zwijger @wpmariken
  2. Story Stream • Small recap • My business under attack?

    • Prepare for ‘17 ( + ->) • Goodiebag for the future
  3. 2015 2014 2013 • Lost in Space/ Off canvas •

    The Future is Modular • RWD
  4. recap 2013 RWD responsive, components, new workflow

  5. recap 2014 The Future is Modular more modularity, personalized websites

  6. recap 2015 Lost in Space/ Off canvas st0p thinking pages,

    start thinking systems
  7. My business under attack?

  8. Welcome to my world

  9. “ So you make WordPress Products?”

  10. So you make WordPress “Products? Now what?” “Now what?”

  11. The plan • Alignment for FB e.o. • Video, animation,

    infographics • More visual identity/ creativity ...
  12. Versimpelen • single action website ? • explore t WP

  13. Preparing for 2017 (+beyond) 1995 - 2001 portals 2001 -

    2014 search 2014 - . . platforms
  14. The web “the user only lightly ever interacts with a

    web page in a web browser. Instead, the user experience is still expressed in HTML and executed with JavaScript but you might just visit a web page once to build a long term relationship with it. You might never actually ever visit the site directly.”
  15. “ We’re spending increasing amounts of time inside messaging apps

    and social networks, themselves wrappers for the mobile web.”
  16. The pessimistic way It spells the end of web developers,

    UI designers and the web at large. Paul Kinlan n0vs7f
  17. The positive way Content is open, available everywhere and more

    composable than ever, all hosted and powered by the web. Paul Kinlan n0vs7f
  18. The rise of the meta platforms

  19. New $ spend in US online advertising, Q1 2016 Source -falteringad-revenue-and-traffic.html
  20. Surveying the landscape -Peter Gasston “I think video is

    a mega trend, almost as big as mobile “ - Mark Zuckerberg
  21. Preparing for 2017 (+beyond) Surveying the landscape -Peter Gasston

  22. “Web vs apps. The mobile web is arguably in decline:

    users are spending more time on mobile devices, and more time in apps instead of web browsers. “ - Chris Dixon Chris Dixon @ cdixon
  23. “The mobile web, and browsers of today, can easily take

    care of almost everything we want to accomplish. “ - Hugh Durkin Hugh Durkin @ Intercom
  24. Goodbye Native app

  25. “.. make sure those web apps render and work well

    in the new wave of mobile browsers — messengers.. “ - Hugh Durkin Hugh Durkin @ Intercom
  26. Telegram bot Hugh Durkin @ Intercom obile-c552752ff75#.38cfluxry

  27. Helen Havlak @ The Verge Go where your audience

  28. Bron Facebook Facebook Instant Articles 10X faster than standard

    mobile web articles.
  29. “AMP is coming to eat our mobile page views," says

    Helen, "But AMP loads super, super quickly and is simply a better experience right now. “ - Helen Havlak Helen Havlak @ The Verge
  30. “.. Whatever we do to The Verge’s design has to

    be big enough for Facebook and AMP. “ - Helen Havlak
  31. Hello 2017 • Progressive Web Apps (reliable, fast, engaging)

  32. “From a web of destinations, to a web of experiences

    and interactions “ - Peter Gasston Peter Gasston @ stopgreenIntercom
  33. Webtrends 2017 - More mobile first approach - Widespread utilization

    of rapid prototyping tools - UI Patterns and Framework - Minder stock foto’s - Animations advance - Video - Gedurfde kleuren - More card and grid UIs - Innovative scrolling and parallax Source
  34. Some design prophecies - Serendipity Flashes - Millennial Responsive Design,

    crafted unique content* - VR , decadent and euphoric - Hypershared economy - Webmentos, recap, highlights of your web visits - Dunbar Dilemma, to many connections. *Failure mapping ( non-ideal user) Source
  35. thanks & links Peter Gasston - Surveying the landscape -

    Fronteers Paul Kinlan - The Headless web Chase Bukley - The Future draw closer - 9 Prohpecies for 2019 019-419e1b7f6681#.c125u6n32 Chris Dixon - The Internet Economy Thanks to Peter Gasston @stopatgreen for his opinionated vision of the future of the web, Andrew Clarke ‘s talk at Frontend Zurich @markeley, talk about visual identity at Frontend in Zürich and Teenah+Lax for sharing their story on the web.
  36. Thank you ! 2 @wpmariken