Realizando pruebas de carga con Tsung

Realizando pruebas de carga con Tsung

While developing my Master Thesis I needed a tool to test a web server under high load conditions, in order to see how it managed that situation. Then the director of the project told me about a tool called Tsung, which perfectly fit the requirements for the test I wanted to do.After finishing the work, the director of my Master Thesis asked me for a talk about Tsung, so other people on the lab could easily to figure out what is this about, and how to work with it without "fighting" it as I did before. As it looked like a good idea to me, I did agree to set up the talk for my teacher and my fellow workers from the lab... and this is the result, some slides talkin about Tsung: what's Tsung, how to install/configure/use it, and an small example of using and gathering statistic results about the test done.


Mario Sánchez Prada

November 26, 2006