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Web Design: When to DIY and When to Hire

Web Design: When to DIY and When to Hire

No matter who you are, everyone seems to need a website, and that often means hiring a designer, developer, or agency to do some work for you. But how do you know when you need to hire someone to help and when you can do it yourself? And if you do hire someone, how do you communicate about something that is outside your realm of experience, much less help direct the project to suit your business?

In this webinar, design expert Michelle Schulp will unmask the “magic” of web design and learn to ask constructive questions, give useful feedback, and develop a collaborative relationship that will benefit both of your businesses.

Michelle Schulp Hunt

March 20, 2019

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  1. @marktimemedia I Design & Build DIGITAL INTERFACES Rockstar at saying

    stuff. Carefully curated spontaneity. Adorable badass. Master suitcase packer & marshmallow roaster. Accidental fitness buff. HI, I’M MICHELLE.
  2. @marktimemedia FREELANCER/INDEPENDENT • Could be a specialist or a generalist

    • Works on their own time/equipment • Self-managed • Managing multiple clients • Communicates directly with you, on their schedule • Rates vary based on experience
  3. @marktimemedia CONTRACTOR • Often specialized • Works onsite for pre-determined

    time alongside you or your team • Requires proper equipment while onsite • Needs to be managed • 100% dedicated to you while on-site • Rates vary based on experience
  4. @marktimemedia TEAM/AGENCY • Group of independents or full-service agency •

    Combination of experiences and skillsets • More resources & flexibility • Can often manage multiple parts of a project • Communicating with account or project managers whose job it is to interface with clients • More expensive
  5. @marktimemedia WORDPRESS DESIGNER • Usually: Aesthetics, interface, experience • Sometimes:

    Theme development, frontend markup/styling languages and/or Javascript, other design field experience • Related: UI/UX Designer, Theme Designer Choose this person if: Your project requires a very strong visual language
  6. @marktimemedia WORDPRESS DEVELOPER • Usually: Interactive/programming logic • Sometimes: Design/Styling

    experience, appliction/integration experience, other programming languages • Related: Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Theme Developer, Plugin developer Choose this person if: Your project has complex functionality or integration requirements
  7. @marktimemedia WORDPRESS IMPLEMENTOR • Usually: Combines existing solutions to solve

    problems • Sometimes: development experience, design experience, content writing experience • Related: Integrator, Consultant Choose this person if: You want to build your project out of recommended existing solutions but aren’t sure where to look
  8. @marktimemedia SEO CONSULTANT • Usually: Recommending, optimizing, implementing and tracking

    SEO efforts • Sometimes: development experience, design experience, content writing experience, social media strategy, external campaigns • Related: SEO Strategist, Search Engine Marketer Choose this person if: You have an existing site or are in the process of redeveloping a site
  9. @marktimemedia DON’T FORGET THE REST! CONTENT: Writers, Photographers, Animators, Videographers

    OUTREACH: Email campaigns, social campaigns, Newsletters, Marketing ONGOING: Security, maintenance
  10. @marktimemedia PAYMENT TERMS • Hourly: exploratory work, billed after a

    set amount of time • Flat Fee: charged in increments including up-front deposit, final payment before product is delivered • Retainer: pay in advance on a schedule for ongoing work
  11. @marktimemedia INFLUENCING PRICE • Four Factors (Customization, Complexity, Knowledge, Mission

    Critical) • Size/Scale/Scope • Timing & Availability • Cost of Doing Business • Value of Final Product • Difficulty/Ease of Working With YOU
  12. @marktimemedia DESIGN FEEDBACK Start with evaluating look and feel Evaluating

    design as a series of increasingly specific systems/rules Evaluate clarity and communication Remember it’s for your audience, not for you Be specific! Ask questions! Good designers can always answer “why?”
  13. @marktimemedia DEVELOPMENT FEEDBACK Focus on “how it works.” Evaluate cross-platform

    usability and consistency of experience rather than pixel perfection Explain what you expect to happen in addition to what is actually happening Be specific! Ask questions! Good developers can always answer “why?”
  14. @marktimemedia QUESTIONS? Here’s how to get in touch: Michelle Schulp

    [email protected] @marktimemedia bit.ly/diy-vs-hire ITHEMES WEBINAR SERIES: Web Design Bootcamp – March 26 & 27 WHERE TO FIND ME NEXT: