How designers help make government better for everyone / Refresh conference

9d6c9ebfd653b263a0ed9b5041fd6bf8?s=47 Martin Jordan
September 09, 2016

How designers help make government better for everyone / Refresh conference

In this talk, we spoke about how the UK's Government Digital Service is helping to redesign government around user needs, and how we brought agile working and multidisciplinary teams to government. And bunting. And stickers.

A recording of the talk can be found on YouTube:

Kate Ivey-Williams is a service designer at Government Digital Service in the UK. She is figuring out how to build services out of all the bits of stuff that get made and published by government. She's interested in how to make services work for users by looking at them from end-to-end and front-to-back. Caveat: she isn’t very digital, but nor are most users of government services. Before joining the civil service she worked for Engine Service Design, developing services for industries including air travel, automotive, media and mobile.

Martin Jordan helps to build services that people value. He is currently working on digital transformation of the UK Government at the Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service. Prior to this, he designed location-based services at Nokia. He is also doing an MBA at Laurea University in Espoo, Finland where he is researching public service innovation.


Martin Jordan

September 09, 2016