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How we do design in the government / University of Bristol

Martin Jordan
October 28, 2016

How we do design in the government / University of Bristol

This talk was given by Kate Ivey-Williams and Martin Jordan to students of the ‘Design & Systems Thinking for Innovation’ course at the University of Bristol.

Martin Jordan

October 28, 2016

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  1. Innovation: “A viable offering new to a specific context and

    time, creating a user and provider value” —Vijay Kumar, IIT Institute of Design GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan
  2. GDS But government doesn’t make it easy for users to

    understand services @KateIW @Martin_Jordan
  3. Service patterns It took me two years to work out

    what i needed to Look after children GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan
  4. GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan User journeys give context: •They contextualise everything

    from the user’s perspective •They are a way of seeing how everything strings together to create the user’s experience GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan
  5. GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan User journeys give context: •The journey is

    bigger than the service •The service contains content and transactions GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan
  6. GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan There are lots of different takes on

    user journeys GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan
  7. GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan A diagram that maps out a user’s

    journey through a service over time Time GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan
  8. GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan The horizontal axis (end-to-end) has phases, activities,

    steps from the user’s perspective. GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan
  9. GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan The vertical axis (front-to-back) has whatever layers

    you need to include to understand how the service works. GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan
  10. GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan There are 2 types of user journeys:

    1.As-is / existing 2.To-be / future GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan
  11. GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan As-is journey mapping helps you understand how

    things are now: ◦ hypothetical journey map, pre-research ◦ research-based journey map GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan
  12. GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan Future journey mapping helps you to design

    the future: ◦ working document up on a white board ◦ communication tool GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan
  13. Discovery phase: •Identify the user & who else is involved

    •Uncover their motivations, needs & context •Map their entire journey •Reflect on what’s in it for them (think policy intent vs. user needs) •Find sweet spots for changing behaviour GDS @KateIW @Martin_Jordan