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Test Driven Deployment

Test Driven Deployment

Mat Schaffer

August 22, 2012

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  1. Vagrant::Config.run  do  |config|    config.vm.box  =  "precise64"    config.vm.box_url  =

     "http://files.vagrantup.com/precise64.box"    config.vm.network  :hostonly,  ""    config.vm.provision  :chef_solo  do  |chef|        chef.cookbooks_path  =  [  'cookbooks'  ]        chef.add_recipe  'minitest-­‐handler'        chef.add_recipe  'cube'    end end local VM automation Vagrantfile
  2. knife test: bundle exec knife cookbook test $COOKBOOK foodcritic: bundle

    exec foodcritic $SANDBOX/$COOKBOOK chefspec: bundle exec rspec $SANDBOX/$COOKBOOK isolated cookbook test runner colanderfile
  3. guard 'shell' do watch %r|^cookbooks-sources/cube| do system <<-SH set -e

    berks install --shims strain cube --fail-fast vagrant provision SH end end test runner automation guardfile
  4. watches for common anti-patterns linting # Don't do this package

    "mysql-server" do version "#{node['mysql']['version']}" action :install end # Do this package "mysql-server" do version node['mysql']['version'] action :install end
  5. describe_recipe  'nginx:configuration'  do    it  'installs  version  1.0.15'  do  

         node[:nginx][:version].should  ==  '1.0.15'    end end testing after convergence files/default/tests/minitest/ default_test.rb
  6. before convergence spec/default_spec.rb require  "chefspec"    describe  "example::default"  do  

     let  (:chef_run)  {        ChefSpec::ChefRunner.new.converge  'example::default'    }    it  "should  install  foo"  do        chef_run.should  install_package  'foo'    end end
  7. automated cross-OS testing cube/test/kitchen/kitchenfile # FIXME: Make this stuff work

    platform :ubuntu do version '12.04' do box "opscode-ubuntu-12.04" box_url "https://opscode-.../opscode-ubuntu-12.04.box" end end cookbook "cube" do configuration "server" end