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How I found ThoughtWorks

How I found ThoughtWorks

As told by Annie Conn (http://twitter.com/aconnjob) to the IXDA Chicago.

matt copeland

April 01, 2013

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  1. " " ABOUT MATT: - A smart, passionate and driven

    design geek looking for the next step in his career
  2. " GOAL: -  Role desired: IxD position with an amazing

    company -  Targets: agencies/startups/tech
  3. " DIGITAL PRESENCE: •  Observe and learn from others • 

    Be active in the communities you follow •  Connect your profiles, •  portfolios – be accessible to your networks!
  4. " GET NOTICED NOW! q  Be strategic q  Be ballsy!

    q  Be yourself q  Be creative (beyond your portfolio)