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Make Me A Better Rubyist

Make Me A Better Rubyist

If only there were a magic wand we could wave, and we would suddenly become wise, efficient, and passionate. In reality it takes years of hard work to build the skills and experience necessary. In this talk I'll speak about ways to improve learning, both as an individual, and as a community.

Presented on Friday 7th June 2013 at RedDotRubyConf in Singapore.


This talk includes a photo of me in the bath with the caption "Britain's Next Top Engineer".
This is probably a distraction from the topic, but was a response to @tenderlove's earlier "America's Next Top Engineer" slides.


Matthew Rudy Jacobs

June 07, 2013

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  1. Make me a better Rubyist! Matthew Rudy Jacobs @ RedDotRubyConf

  2. Sorry, but...

  3. Britain’s Next Top Engineer?

  4. Let’s get serious!

  5. I’m MatthewRudy ⻢马ହ

  6. I organise Codeaholics HK

  7. I’m a bit lost right now

  8. The Problem

  9. You spend your life learning

  10. Where does it take you?

  11. Where should it take you?

  12. The Question

  13. How can I become a great Rubyist?

  14. What does that mean?

  15. The Answer

  16. Just keep learning

  17. It takes time

  18. You have to do it for yourself

  19. You can’t do it alone

  20. Help others along the way

  21. The Great Rubyist

  22. Loves Code

  23. Loves Code But doesn’t just code

  24. Loves Ruby

  25. But doesn’t just do Ruby Loves Ruby

  26. Works hard

  27. Works hard But takes a lot of holiday

  28. Reads

  29. Reads But doesn’t read comments

  30. Is passionate

  31. Is passionate But isn’t a diva

  32. Is an avid learner

  33. Is an avid learner But also a teacher

  34. Has mad skills

  35. Has mad skills But favours simplicity and clarity

  36. Joins the community

  37. Joins the community And tries to make a difference

  38. Become a great Rubyist!

  39. Live

  40. Love

  41. Code

  42. Learn

  43. Teach

  44. Share

  45. My Journey

  46. Work Hard

  47. But have fun while you do

  48. Work with great people

  49. Work remotely

  50. Look after yourself

  51. Learn new skills

  52. Try different things

  53. Don’t be afraid to look bad

  54. Take some time out

  55. Travel the world

  56. Make new friends

  57. Don’t forget your home

  58. Share your skills

  59. Listen to others

  60. Build the community

  61. Bribe them if necessary

  62. Meet Rubyists! (or iOS developers who’d prefer to be rubyists)

  63. Meet non-Rubyists!

  64. Meet your idols!

  65. One day you’ll be a master

  66. Thanks!

  67. @MatthewRudy Photos: Matthew Rudy, Sammi Chang, and others

  68. @MatthewRudy I need somewhere to work! Photos: Matthew Rudy, Sammi

    Chang, and others
  69. @MatthewRudy I need somewhere to work! ࡏதࠃՄҎ吗ʁ Photos: Matthew Rudy,

    Sammi Chang, and others