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How to empower engineering teams to improve, at scale

How to empower engineering teams to improve, at scale

With fast flow approaches like Continuous Delivery and Team Topologies, there will be a range of different practices and techniques across different teams and streams. How can you find and emphasise the good practices? How do teams know what good looks like? And how can you assess these practices across tens or hundreds of teams on a regular basis? Join experts Benedict Steele (Armakuni) and Matthew Skelton (Conflux) as they discuss the Multi-team Software Delivery Assessment (MSDA), an open approach to assessing and empowering engineering teams.

- Armakuni: https://armakuni.com
- Conflux: https://confluxhq.com
- Multi-team Software Delivery Assessment: https://softwaredeliveryassessment.com

Matthew Skelton

October 23, 2022

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  1. Photo goes here Benedict Steele Chief Delivery Officer, Armakuni 20

    years in technology, product, and engineering
  2. Empower engineering teams to improve, at scale: ➔ Use the

    Multi-team Software Delivery Assessment (MSDA) ➔ Accelerate effective adoption via a partner like Armakuni or Conflux 4
  3. 5

  4. 13 Testing and Testability Team Health Deployment Flow Operability Continuous

    Delivery Reliability and SRE On-call Security Team Topologies
  5. 15 Engaged Teams Teams are engaged by the assessment process

    and show increased enthusiasm for change and improvements Clear Position Increased clarity on the current state of software delivery within the organisation and a clear picture of where to go next Energized for Change The organisation is ready to tackle improvements and new ways of working, including rolling out further assessments
  6. 16 The core of the Assessment uses a Creative Commons

    license (CC BY-SA), giving you the freedom to adapt and extend the material as your organisation grows and changes. SoftwareDeliveryAssessment.com
  7. 17 • 200+ teams • Many different organisations • Multiple

    verticals incl. Finance, Media, Charity, Health, Government, Insurance, B2B, B2C • Organisations of all sizes from start-up/scale-ups to long lived institutions • Teams as diverse as AI/ML, CoTS, Infrastructure, Application Development, Mobile Apps Where have we deployed this?
  8. Case Study 19 700+ people in total 70+ engineering teams,

    7 locations Time-critical delivery (#Brexit) Most of 2018
  9. Engineering Assessments 20 6 dimensions [in 2018]: Team Health, Deployment,

    Continuous Delivery, Flow, Operability, Testing “Viral” facilitation model
  10. Engineering Assessments 21 Criteria taken from existing sources: Spotify Team

    Health Check, DevOps for the Modern Enterprise, Continuous Delivery, Accelerate, Team Guide to Software Operability, Team Guide to Software Testability
  11. 22

  12. 23

  13. 24

  14. 26 Over 250 people 35+ engineering teams 7 depts Globally

    distributed Over 250 applications Diverse mix of technology
  15. 28

  16. • Knowledge drain • Task switching • Relearning • Rework

    • Partially completed work • Overly complicated solutions • Siloed work • Unsupported legacy software • Waiting around • Defects • Single points of failure • Handoffs between teams • Unnecessary features • Unnecessary processes • Manual work • Poor communication What were we looking for? 29 How many of these problems seem familiar?
  17. 30

  18. 31 MSDA + Westrum Organisational Culture + Employee Advocacy (eNPS)

    + Psychological Safety + DORA 4 Key Metrics + Stakeholder mapping
  19. The Four States of Competence The Four States of Competence

    by Noel Burch, of Gordon Training International. 32 Concious Incompetence “I know what I don’t know” Conscious Competence “I can do what I know” Unconcious Incompetence “I don’t know what I don’t know” Unconscious Competence “What I know is second nature” Consciousness Competence
  20. 33 “Armakuni have provided us with the evidence to present

    to the board to drive change. The views they have given us lead to clear, measurable action that we can communicate throughout the organisation.” Technology Platforms Director - Media Company
  21. 34

  22. empower engineering teams to improve, at scale: ➔ use the

    Multi-team Software Delivery Assessment (MSDA) ➔ accelerate effective adoption via a partner like Armakuni or Conflux 54