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Serving a Critical Need on a Tiny Budget

Serving a Critical Need on a Tiny Budget

A woman's right to choose is a cause I'm passionate about. These slides from WordCamp London 2015 describe why and how the Abortion Support Network - an organisation I volunteer for - helps Irish and Northern Irish women obtain terminations in the UK, with WordPress as an enabler.


Matt Radford

March 22, 2015

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  1. Serving a critical need on a tiny budget

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  3. “I was googling ways to self abort “

  4. • Rationed food • Not fixed the brakes on the

    family car • Disconnected the phone • Sold the laptop • Taken three packets of birth control pills with a bottle of gin • Drunk bleach • Taken all the pills in the medicine cabinet • “Tripped” down the stairs

  6. 1. Raise More Money 2. Help More Women

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  11. https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-apps-login/

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  13. abor%onsupport.org.uk/donate1 £" Other" £" Other" Single" Monthly" PayPal:"Credit" Card"or"PayPal" ACC"Payment"

    ✖Gi8"Aid" ✖Newsle<er" Single" thanks"page" +" “your"Gi8" Aid…”" Single" thanks"page" +" Newsle<er?" Stripe:"£" Credit"Card" Payment" " ✔Gi8"Aid" ✔Newsle<er" PayPal:"Credit" Card"or"PayPal" ACC"Payment" ✖Gi8"Aid" ✖Newsle<er" Recurring"thanks"page" +" Newsle<er?" GoCardless:"£" Direct"Debit" Payment" ✖Gi8"Aid" ✖Newsle<er" Recurring" thanks"page" +" Gi8"Aid?" Newsle<er?" Processed"on" ASN"site" Processed"on" PayPal"site" Processed"on" GC"site" Processed"on" PayPal"site" Standing" Order"form"
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  16. mythic-beasts.com cloudflare.com serverpilot.io digitalocean.com wordfence.com bruteprotect.com

  17. define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true); https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-apps-login/

  18. http://mattrad.uk/data-protection-gravity-forms/

  19. Gravity Forms $199 Hosting $70 SSL certificate $9 Domains $60

    Annual $338 $139
  20. Thank You (and if you support what we do, please

    donate!) https://www.abortionsupport.org.uk @abortionsupport @mattradford Slides available at http://mattrad.uk