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QR Code Training

October 22, 2020

QR Code Training

QR Code Training for Finest Surprise tickets.


October 22, 2020

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  1. QR code Training

  2. How to use the QR code

  3. Why are we using the QR code • To give

    options to customer to purchase online to lessen physical contacts. • This will increase visits to our website • In order to collect customer data • To push for digitalization and to reduce paper costs in the near future
  4. Steps Step 1: • Introduce the newest and quickest way

    of purchasing tickets Customer approaches DDF MM /FS counters Step 2: • Ask the customer to go to his/her camera to scan the QR code
  5. Steps Step 3: • Staff to assist the customer on

    the purchase of the tickets if it’s the first time for them. It is recommended that the staff are familiar with our website and processes too. Step 4: • Remind the customer to visit our website regularly to check the updated draws and results.
  6. This Poster will be placed on every FS and MM

  7. None