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AngularConnect, 2nd Day Keynote

Minko Gechev
September 20, 2019

AngularConnect, 2nd Day Keynote

Minko Gechev

September 20, 2019

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  1. @yourtwitter @mgechev Agenda • Web platform & standards • Automate

    DX • Enable best practices • Enable extensibility • Build at scale
  2. @yourtwitter Route-level code-splitting const routes: Routes = [ { path:

    'about', loadChildren: import('./about/about.module') .then(m => m.AboutModule); },
 ... ];
  3. @yourtwitter @mgechev • Define an NgModule • Declare a lazy

    route • Declare a default route in the NgModule • Define a component for the default route • (Optional) Introduce a routing module Creating a lazy route
  4. Path to the lazy route $ ng g module ranking

    --route ranking --module app.module Angular CLI version 8.1
  5. twitter.com/mgechev Step 1: Open https://example.com/ Step 2: Determine JavaScript which

    is likely to be required Step 3: Download the chunks Step 4: Store chunks in browser cache Preloading
  6. @mgechev A performance budget is a limit for pages which

    the team is not allowed to exceed. Addy Osmani
  7. @yourtwitter @mgechev Builders API • Provides extensibility points to the

    CLI • Implement a custom functionality • Introduce builder with ng-add schematic • Update angular.json • Optionally introduce custom config
  8. @yourtwitter @mgechev • All the deployment builders • @ud-angular-builders/jest -

    Jest builder • Nx tooling • ngx-build-plus - custom webpack config • @richapps/ngtron - electron support in the CLI • @richapps/ngnode - build node.js apps with the CLI • Over 60 more Other community builders
  9. @yourtwitter @mgechev • You don’t need Bazel to use Angular

    • It’s worth it to understand Bazel as a software engineer • Teaches good practices • Reusable skills across technologies Should I learn Bazel?
  10. @yourtwitter @mgechev • Moving the web platform forward • Automating

    DX • Working on intelligent tooling • Enabling best practices • Building at scale Recap