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How Much Should We Test?

How Much Should We Test?

Presented at SP Tech Talk

Michael Cheng

March 09, 2017

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  1. GOALS OF TEST SUITE • Tests should be thorough •

    Tests should be stable • Tests should be fast • Tests should be few (minimal)
  2. TEST DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT • We use test cases to guide

    the design of our code • 2 approaches to testing - Inside Out and Outside In • Outside In - Use integration tests to guide you • Inside Out - Build & test individual components, integrate later
  3. MESSAGE TYPES • Query: Returns something / changes nothing •

    Command: Returns nothing / changes something Object under test Incoming Messages Outgoing Messages Send to self Command Query
  4. RESOURCES • “The Magic Tricks of Testing” - Sandi Metz

    http://confreaks.tv/videos/railsconf2013- the-magic-tricks-of-testing • “Working Effectively with Unit Tests” - Jay Fields