MongooseIM - Messaging that Scales

MongooseIM - Messaging that Scales

MongooseIM provides a unique instant messaging solution when massive volume is required. The growth of social media communication has resulted in the fact that the ceiling is quickly reached when successful projects take off. MongooseIM secures performance and stability.

In this talk I present lessons learnt when scaling messaging servers using common PC, cloud environments or a dedicated data centre. I demonstrate what bottlenecks we encountered and how to work around them in order to scale to millions of users. I also explain why MongooseIM and Erlang are a good baseline for building a custom messaging solution.

Talk objectives: to educate about MongooseIM, which is built around proven technology Jabber/XMPP, as well as discuss how to build a messaging solution, which will scale to big numbers.

Target audience: People who know Jabber/XMPP or are interested in messaging servers.


Michał Ślaski

May 23, 2013