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Miranj @ DesignxDesign

November 28, 2019

Miranj @ DesignxDesign

A taste of Miranj’s work and process presented at DesignxDesign Exposé 41.

DesignxDesign is a non-profit venture to create a public platform of multi-disciplinary exchange for contemporary design in India.


November 28, 2019

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  1. Miranj

  2. Web design and development studio in New Delhi.

  3. None
  4. We architect information 
 and design radically simple, future-proof websites.

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  7. None
  8. None
  9. None
  10. None
  11. How do you like our work?

  12. Web is not a visual medium.

  13. What is the web?

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  15. None
  16. 58% of global population are internet users Source: https://www.slideshare.net/DataReportal/digital-2019-q4-global-digital-statshot-october-2019-v01

  17. 4.479 billion internet users around the globe Source: https://www.slideshare.net/DataReportal/digital-2019-q4-global-digital-statshot-october-2019-v01

  18. The web’s reach is by design.

  19. Web for all W3C Mission

  20. “The social value of the Web is 
 that it

    enables human 
 communication, commerce, and opportunities to share knowledge. – World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
  21. “One of W3C’s primary goals is to make these benefits

    available to all people, whatever their hardware, software, network infrastructure, native language, culture, geographical location, or physical or mental ability. – World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
  22. What does this mean for us as web designers?

  23. Everyone experiences our work differently…

  24. “One of W3C’s primary goals is to make these benefits

    available to all people, whatever their hardware, software, network infrastructure, native language, culture, geographical location, or physical or mental ability. – World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
  25. example.com

  26. example.com

  27. v69 v68 v67 v65 v64 v63 v62 v61 v60 example.com

  28. ! " # $ ⌚ v69 example.com

  29. 4G WiFi LTE 3G E GPRS " v69 example.com

  30. த ལ ह ਪ" ગu മ ك ଓ ಕ A

    " 3G v69 example.com
  31. Delhi Telangana Europe Tamil Nadu UP Kerala Bengal Nepal Nagaland

    US Sikkim Kashmir " 3G v69 example.com English
  32. " 3G v69 example.com English Kerala

  33. " 3G v69 example.com English Kerala

  34. " 3G v69 example.com English Kerala

  35. What about the context…

  36. None
  37. https://www.flickr.com/photos/iloasiapacific/42053003052/

  38. https://www.shaw.af.mil/News/Photos/igphoto/2001882443/

  39. https://www.tripsavvy.com/quick-guide-to-delhi-metro-train-travel-1539233

  40. •◦◦◦◦ Airtel

  41. None
  42. None
  43. None
  44. " 3G v69 example.com English Kerala

  45. " 3G v69 example.com English Kerala

  46. " 3G v69 example.com English Kerala

  47. Each experience is a 
 thin slice of our work…

  48. …and one can’t comprehend the entire spectrum of scenarios.

  49. Neither can we.

  50. As web designers we’re 
 extremely mindful of this enormous

    reach and diversity.
  51. Every decision has a 
 wide impact.

  52. “Minor inconvenience”

  53. None
  54. None
  55. None
  56. “Outright exclusion”

  57. None
  58. None
  59. The Journey

  60. Content Creation

  61. Content Creation Visual Design

  62. Content Creation Visual Design Development

  63. Content Creation Visual Design Development Weekly Internal Releases →

  64. Beta Launch Content Creation Visual Design Development Public Launch Weekly

    Internal Releases →
  65. Web design begins 
 even before all this.

  66. https://www.flickr.com/photos/kadha/6316524646/

  67. https://www.flickr.com/photos/fikander/110449507/

  68. Discovery & Strategy

  69. None
  70. Discovery & Strategy Content Creation Visual Design Development

  71. Now let’s take
 another look at our work…

  72. None
  73. Address Book Contact us Share comments, experiences, information on IndiaBioScience

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  81. & ' (

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  97. At Miranj, we try to design websites that…

  98. …improve how information is created and accessed…

  99. …are inclusive towards 
 a wide audience…

  100. ? average website lifespan

  101. 2.66 years average website lifespan Source: https://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/website-lifespan-and-you/

  102. …survive a timescale of 
 5-10 years (or even longer)

  103. Thank You @miranj